Visual Scripting walkthrough

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They make it seem so simple in this video! I wish the visual scripting was more intuitive, but it does seem like it’s crazy flexible and comprehensive, at least.

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Is it just me or has this forum moved to lenses for the moment? :smiley:

It’s true we’re heading more to Lens Studio these days because of the perspective of the Camera Kit coming :slight_smile:

But the real goal of the forum is to eventually cover all questions regarding Spatial Computing.

There are a lot of techs out there in AR & VR. Our thinking is simple: if you can create experiences in one of them, most probably you can create in any of the other techs in AR & VR because everything is based on the spatial computing concepts :superhero:

Each tech takes some decisions in their architextures and things might be arranged differently from one tech to another, leading to different challenges but similar in the end because based on the same concepts !

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I totally agree, I was just wondering why it had happened just now… will google Camera Kit.

It’s not released yet, but it’s an SDK that will allow us to publish lenses to web, android, ios, and maybe others (no docs yet though)

They have been teasing it for ages, but the release date keeps getting pushed. You can sign up as “interested” on this page