Weird bug appearing in render pass filter that shows video demo or story underneath transparent elements

An approved filter which uses render pass and objects with transparency shows underneath these semi-transparent objects stills taken from the video demo or the story where the filter was open from.
This issue is showing up only on androids and it disappears in final video output.

I have experienced this only once before in a filter done by Ben Ursu, does anyone have an insight about this?
I am a bit at a loss

oh wow that’s still there. I posted about this bug months ago on the community, it happened with one of my live filters. I could see my IG page behind the smoke in my filter lol. Never got an update on this though, completely befuddled as to how it even happens in the first place ^^


I know, it’s quite confusing and I don’t even think there’s something we can do to solve it in our projects but I sure hope I’m wrong.

You might try adding a layer of black just with a blend node at the end. Otherwise, the best thing to do is submit a bug report with screenshots

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Switch final scene/shader render pass (which is connected to Device) to RGB mode

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