What can I do with the Environment option in the material editor for Spark AR?

I am new to spark AR and just started discovering the different materials. One option is to add a Environment. Are there any cool materials you can add with environments? what does it do and what is a Environment picture?


I imagine you found this in the Physically-based material. This material type simulates physics, including light refraction mostly. What this means is that you can get reflections on your metallic surfaces. What the environment texture (or hdri) will do is give these metallic surfaces something to reflect.
Say you have a metal square in your scene, if you set the hdri to be an image of a garden for example, you’ll now see a garden reflected on the square.
For starters sparkAR provides a decent range of them in their sparkAR library (under Textures), as well as there being whole libraries of them online.

Ah okay cool! thanks a lot for the explanation!
I checked the Textures in the library, there are some cool ones but not exactly what I want.
Do you have any tips for downloading HDRI images?

I’ll be honest I tend to google search with more specific terms when I want something in particular, but the need hasn’t happened enough for me to have really good references. The only one I’ve bookmarked is :

(High quality free texture maps. The website is comprised of 3 parts : TextureHaven, HDRIHaven and 3DModelHaven. You can navigate between them with the logos in the upper left corner of the homepage)
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