What is a Patch and how can I make one in Spark AR?

Hi everyone,
I have been using the patch editor in Spark more frequently and was wondering what actually is a patch? what makes something in the patch editor a patch?

You can make your own by grouping your patches together and then editing the properties. You can put inputs and outputs to that patch group and then make it to a patch asset so you can save it hehe


Hi @mitsuko,
So a patch is a grouping of different patches together. Can you explain to me how I make it into a patch asset and how do I save that?
Thanks a lot!

To make your own patch you’d have to use the patches in spark. to group them, select them all then right click then group then you can add properties by right clicking again and selecting group properties and putting the inputs and outputs you want then connecting those inside your patch group then convert the grouped patches into a patch asset then you an see it in your project file. At least that’s how I do it haha

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