What kind of Lens Studio assets would you be interested in?

Hey there PopulAR LAB members!

As you may know, we’ve started to create templates and assets for Lens Studio.
We’ll distribute these on Sugar and on Lens Studio’s asset library! As such we’d love to know if there’s something in particular you’d like to see over there?
This can be anything from 3D models, to scripts, to materials… literally anything! Let us know what you’d like and we’ll put our brains together and try to make it happen

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Pps: If you’d like to sell templates and assets for Lens Studio, Spark AR and/or any other AR technology, send us a mail using the link on Sugar club’s call for sellers page

Ooh this is so interesting!

  1. I’d love to see a blender or fbx rig asset template that can be modified and used for the full body tracking and cloth simulation. or maybe something that can hopefuly automatically match the rig points from mixamo to the lens studio full body tracking rig reference. that would save a lot of fine tuning time.

  2. cloth simulation downloadable fbx with vertex color reference. their template is great but it sucks that we can’t download the mesh and check how it was oriented, scaled in 3d program like blender.

  3. some quality of life modular scripts or script graph for sequential event. I created this effect Login • Instagram and if you see the project, there are like dozens of behavior and tween scripts.

  4. “if this, then that” script or script graph which we can choose whether “this” is a boolean, scalar, vec2, vec3, or event, and also the “that” independently.

  5. quality of life for face expression trigger that we can choose to set if the event happens, whether it’s constantly sending the event trigger or just once.or basically just more face expression/interaction trigger other than this :
    maybe start from something like head tilt, head shake, head turn, head nod, blink, wink,

  6. prefab of occluders.

  7. bullets mechanics asset. whether it’s laser straight or curved with falloff from gravity

  8. script to positioning 3d assets like plane or other stuffs based on the orthographic 2d screen transfrorm

maybe thats it for now :smiley:


Thanks a bunch for the reply! I’ll take a look at all these with the rest of the team :smiley:

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I am also in need for cloth simulation and full body tracking templates. Having hard time with those. Preferably for Blender!
Thanks for the initiative!!


Ah awesome we actually have an article in the works that should address this specific use case : clothes that fit the body and feature clothing simulation :smiley:

custom ml would be great :face_with_peeking_eye:

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can you drop the link here please?

Hey unfortunately we haven’t posted it yet however here’s the rough draft, which should hopefully include enough info already to make it work :+1:

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