What's the review for ZapWorks AR?

8th Wall always come first to my mind when I think about webAR, but the price is always too high for my potential client. Zapworks seem to be a good and cheaper alternative but I wonder if anyone has any experience using it?

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Haven’t checked it out but we have an eye on it. Just need a bit more free time to commit to these :smiley:
Interested in any feedback people who’ve used it might have as well

I just tried it out for a few minutes and generally the thing is pretty clunky, but it’s got some cool features. Here’s a test link for their face tracking template.

Edit: it’s super jittery, even on device :frowning:

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I tried out their target tracker, and realize they have way more steps for users to activate AR effects on WebAR.
First, you need to direct users to web.zapper.com, a special website that can open your phone camera to scan Zapcode (like QR code). After scanning the Zapcode, the AR effect will launch, and only then can the users start scanning for the target image for the effect to be triggered. This also means that you need to include their Zapcode on your target image as well.

Doesn’t seem like it is a good UX, even though the price is resonable.

On a side note, what you guys think about Blippar?

From what I saw, there were a few ways to get users into the effect, but I only tried one (the deeplink, which directly opens the effect). I didn’t try the scannable codes since it seemed like the zapcode required using their custom app.

I’ve never heard of Blippar, but the fact that they have a JS SDK intrigues me. In general they are kind of vague about the capabilities they offer. They mention face tracking, but just show a generic image of a woman (?).

I don’t see any actual documentation for the SDK, but maybe they give it to you after you sign up. I might play with it in the morning.

I have been on the search for a decent webAR platform and so far I haven’t been satisfied with any of them on the surface. Keep me posted!