Who will pay? - Game Show AR Filter

Hi guys!

This filter is not finished yet, but I wanted to ask for advice on what could be added or changed to spice it up and be more interesting.

A little introduction, because there are no instructions yet:
2-5 people are taking a part in a “who will pay?” game. The filter is randomly choosing a person that should pay for something. 1. Find friends to play (if they are taking part their face is white) 2. Tap a screen to start a game.

Try it: https://www.instagram.com/ar/367159861297934/?ch=ODBkOGY5ODgxMTVmYmZlMWMwMTRjY2NiM2U1NWJhM2Y%3D

I know that I’m going to add audio effects for sure, and I would like to spice up its look when the “who will pay?” text appears. Also, I’m going to add “tap to start” before looking for people to play, so you can record a video of a thing to pay for. Overlapping face mesh will be fixed too.

I wanted to create this filter for two main reasons. One to use language and region recognition (text and currency are changeable), because I think this is a very very interesting feature that not many creators use. And the second reason, just to create a simple game that you can plan when something is broken, or when somebody orders food, etc. and you don’t know who should pay for this.

Let me know what do you think and what are your ideas to make it better. :wink:


It’s a fun concept but the video is private! I’d like to see how it works with more than just one person. I think using the camera recording state to trigger the sequence could work nicely.

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Woops. Fixed already.

Damn, I really like the concept! Looks pretty good already tbh, sound effects would make it more TV-gameshow-ish which would definitely be nice though not sure audio-reactivity is necessary. As you mention though, I think allowing the user to take a picture of the item that’s gonna be paid for will add that extra shareability via stories and such among friends :smiley: (provided your end-screen features the picture of the product as well, could just be a smaller circle bottom right of the picture of who’s paying)

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Thanks, Boris!
I wanted to avoid render pass and segmentation, but I very like your idea about a picture of the product at the end. I’m going to test it! :smile:

Since the output picture is in a circle frame, I think it would be cool to show that the circle act’s like a coin that rotates in Y axis and show random faces in each flip while gradually slowing down and stop at the “victim”.

also maybe add some wiggle to the reveal and put a crown, a king/queen’s staff, a glitter confetti, to make the “victim” look like the boss or winner to emphasize the “fun”.

also add this cheezy and mainstream audio sample at the reveal:

it’s a “yeaaay” kids sfx. lol

i love it!!! good luck with your project man! it’s so fun!

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also also, i don’t know if it’s necessary, but i think it’s kinda fun if at the start when it shows all faces, the face is revealing 1 by 1 like a fade-in effect using the opacity/alpha. i think it would be more interesting rather than just showing all of them for a second.

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Thanks a lot for your feedback @Adi_Satrio! Cool ideas! I love the coin roulette.
I was thinking about showing faces a bit slower, but I want it to be just one IG Story long. :wink: