Would you test my new game Mole AR?

Hi peeps,
I’ve made a game. It’s a variation on the classic Whack-a-mole game but in an AR version that uses the plane tracker.
So you tap the moles as they pop up but don’t hit a bomb.

I invite you to test it out and if you encounter problems let me know what happened along with your phone model.

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Post withdrawn? leaving it as is for now, i’ll disappear in 24h

For what it’s worth I tested the game, worked great :smiley: The only thing I’d say is maybe add a little flame animation on the bomb because at the start I hadn’t noticed the difference between the harmless moles and the rest.
Maybe with more playtesting I’d say limit the width/area in which the moles can spawn, I found myself often rotating my phone and thus had a sense of poor visibility of what was going on.
Love the style though!

Thank for the feedback. Definitely some good points. It is actually intentionally that I want the player to rotate the phone to add a bit more difficulty. But I see your point I’ll reconsider that bit.

The effect link is dead now, but you could consider adding an offscreen indicator as a hint.


Here’s a new link if anyone wants to try. I add some more visual clues that hopefully help the player.

Man, test links have been so unreliable lately. I get “effect is unavailable”

I have a hunch that if you submit the effect to the spark hub (before publishing), the test link generated from the dashboard should be longer-lasting and hopefully more reliable than the one that Spark generates.

I think the test links break every time there is a New version of Spark.

Well i went ahead and published the game and you can try it here:

It uses dynamic instancing and the rest of the logic is scripted too.

First I wanted the moles 360 degrees around the user but now I actually prefer this way where they are in front of the user.

I think this little game is one of few games using the plane tracker.

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This link works! I think it could use a tap-to-place step. For my phone at least, the plane tracker almost never sticks to the surface I want it to unless I do tap-to-place.