XR Simulation in Unity navigation issues

I’m using XR Simulation Environment, which is part of AR Foundation in Unity. Initially I’m able to navigate in Play Mode using RMB and right-mouse-button+WADS in the simulation environment as should be the case. However, after adding Touch Input Actions as controllers, I no longer am able to navigate in Play Mode with RMB or right-mouse-button+WADS. Even when hitting “undo” and removing all the Touch Input Actions, it still will no longer navigate in Play Mode. I’m using Unity 2022.3.8f1

I figured it out in case anyone runs into this: Navigation in Play. Mode gets disabled when Input Debugger → “Simulate Mouse Input from Mouse or Pen” is on. When I turn that off, the Play Mode Navigation works. Now that mouse-click simulations of taps no longer works, if we want to test on desktop, we should use the “Pointer” action type inside the Input Actions because Pointer automatically recognises both mouse clicks and taps.

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