Effect House now has a Material Editor

Hey, I’ve done very little work with Effect House (only minor poking around) in the past but I just downloaded the current Effect House version after getting a promotional email from them pointing out new features in version 2.5. Having a node based Materials Editor is the kind of thing I’ve been waiting for because that’s something I like to do a lot of. I’m going to spend some time with it now. Has anyone here worked much with it yet ? I’m wondering how does it compare to doing node based shader work in Spark AR (which I have already done a lot of) ? I’ll reply to this post with anything useful or interesting I find (and maybe some actual questions too : )


I explored a little bit, but just barely. One thing that prevents quickly developing complex shaders is the lack of simple render passes. They need to be manually set up every time.

But at least we can sample textures and do some UV distortions now!