Freeze position of plane

Hello everyone, how to freeze plane on facetracker with render pass ?? Like this

You can use delay frame patch. send another texture cable of the last scene (that goes to the device) to a delay frame, and create receiver of the delay frame. Create a mix patch and connect the original (not delayed) texture to the first slot, and the delayed texture to 2nd slot. create a trigger, to animate the alpha from 0 to 1. then connect the output to texture transform before it goes to the device. make the zoom animation by animating the scale and the face 2d position to the pivot. connect the same freez trigger to the zoom animation. so it will start zooming after the freeze/pause effect.

or i think it’s better to just see this video at 32:50

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I dont know what you mean, can you give me an example about that.

You can use a delay frame of the camera texture. The delay frame goes into mix, then mix alpha is set to 1 when you want to freeze the frame.

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Have you watched the video? If that still confuses you. Follow this tutorial to get the basic of freeze frame:

I Know that, But i mean how to freeze position of facemesh…for example freeze glasses on face.

Not frame what i mean, but freeze object of facemesh like a glasses

have you tried it or not? is the glasses keep moving after you freeze frame? by freezing in the last chain right before the device output, that means you freeze the entire scene including any 3d 2d object and particles. That’s the why we have render passes in the render pipeline. to be able to create a global effect, and also to passes some effect through the conventional pipeline. That’s exactly how to recreate the effect in your reference video.

if you only want the camera texture or other stuffs moving, and only the glasses, you can try this. you can see how it works in the video and download the patch in gumroad.

simply make a trigger connected to the pulse input in the patch to save the value and an If logic patch, connect the output of that patch (freeze/saved value) to the Then, and the the active value to the else.


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