AR One Sans - Font for Augmented Reality UIs and environments

AR One Sans is a font designed by Niteesh Yadav for Augmented Reality (AR) environments and UIs with high-readability in busy backgrounds.

It includes axes for Weight and also a special ‘AR Retinal Resolution’ axis.

This font features optical weights for both high and low-resolution, and these are duplexed to avoid text reflow.

The spacing and width of letters are optimized for negative polarity (light text on a dark background) and also angular distortion.

Making it a great tool to deliver seamless user experience across different Augmented Reality (AR) platforms and devices.

Available for free on Google fonts: AR One Sans - Google Fonts

You can also learn more about using Type in AR & VR on this blog post from Google fonts: Using type in AR & VR – Fonts Knowledge - Google Fonts

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