On image target tracking found , how to then pin 3D to real world target tracking point?


I am making a project that is tracking a 2D image target in Spark AR.
Once the target is tracked, I need to pin the 3D content to that point in the real world and it needs to stay there even once the tracking is lost - the target I am tracking will end up moving quite quickly! but it will stay roughly in the same place in the world.

It seems you can set an AR point trackable using the WorldTracking module but I’m a bit stumped on how to do this as a newbie.

Once the tracking is found I wonder now if I need to create a plane tracker to replace it / point so it remains fixed there. I am not sure how to do this. Maybe using ARPoint trackable?

ARPointTrackable The ARPointTrackable class describes a point trackable, also referred to as an anchor, at a fixed location and orientation in the real world.”

Any help would be much appreciated :smiley: