Optimizing Remote Streaming Setups with Meta Spark Studio: Tips and Recommendations Needed

Hey everyone,

I’m diving into setting up a rig with Meta Spark studio for streaming experiences to vertical displays in remote locations. Picture this: I create an experience at home, but it needs to run seamlessly on a screen in a mall, complete with a camera. The challenge? Ensuring optimal performance and the ability to tweak settings remotely without physically being present.

Imagine it as next-level advertising with AR. My recent experiments involved using an Android display (check out the photo attached)

and a webcam, streaming via Facebook test link from Spark hub. However, the snag was the need for daily physical setup and troubleshooting visits when things went south.

I switched gears to a different setup, streaming feed from a laptop to the screen via an HDMI card. This method proved better, especially since the screen processor struggled with the 4K resolution of the webcam.

Now, I’m on the lookout for setups others have successfully deployed and software recommendations to streamline this process. Any insights or suggestions would be immensely appreciated. Thanks in advance!