Convert Shader for use in Spark AR

Hi, I needed to use this shader in spark ar

I tried and converted all buffers and main without error but it just shows a black screen, I don’t know where is the problem

Sparkle.arexport (65.7 KB)

Did you try addressing this comment? I am seeing all black (in shadertoy) on my mac too.

Screen Shot 2022-08-29 at 12.56.55 PM

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I don’t have access to mac and ios
I checked with Windows and Android OS and both run the shader well

But in the same computer and mobile phone, the black version can be seen I suspect I have a shader conversion problem
Because this is my first experience in converting a shader that contains a buffer
But I did not pay attention to the comment, I will deal with this issue tomorrow
thank you
I will report the result tomorrow

I changed the clamp based on the comment, but the black screen is still visible

I’d suggest starting from the beginning of the chain. What is Buffer A supposed to look like? Then once you get that working, move on to Buffer B, etc. It’s a pain but without knowing details about the shader, a process of elimination is my suggestion

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