How do you educate your clients about AR?

Since AR is still a new and evolving realm, do you find the need to educate clients on the state of the art? Is there a good resource for this?


Most of the times I show them our website or IG. But when they are less tech savvy or need a more complete vision, I send them a sales deck with concrete examples of what AR could do for the market they are in. It’s a bit teedious to have one per market but from far themost efficient. Of course we do have a general one too


+1 on this!
I feel the need to educate not only clients but colleagues.
Most of my clients from more traditional media don´t even know what an IG filter is…so go figure, actually many colleagues don´t even know it is a thing that is happening right now or can only see the application in the gaming industry.
I´d love to have a hard number filled study on hand to convince executives to drop the money on AR.