Snap ML: Asset Library templates

Newly released Snap asset library comes in with a bunch of sexy templates to start working over Snap ML without having previous experience in AI.

Find out how to implement these templates into your projects : Asset Library - Lens Studio by Snap Inc.

There are a bunch of funny ones to test, can’t wait to see chat you guys are going to do with these:

  • Bald style
  • Face Geometry modifier
  • Face eraser
  • ‘Stop signal’ tracking
  • Mug tracking
  • Face mask tracking
  • Pet face tracking
  • Pine tree tracking
  • Pet segmentation
  • Dessert classification
  • Beard removal
  • Beard additions
  • Food and fruits tracking
  • Household objects tracking
  • Sport tracking
  • Face covering classification (Shame :bell:)
  • Animal detection (other than pets)
  • Car detection
  • Ground segmentation
  • Glass classifier model
  • Pizza segmentation
  • Ground Sky Plants segmentation
  • Toilet segmentation (is underrated)
  • Cat segmentation
  • Dog segmentation

Some models can be heavy but the output they can get you without being an AI engineer just yet worth the shot.

Cool move from Snapchat and Fritz AI to provide these babes.