No Tutorial For Advertised Effects?

Hey gang,

First of all congrats on launching the site, I hope plenty of people are purchasing all the awesome effects and assets your team worked hard on. I’m enjoying the Smoke effect a lot!

Was wondering if there’s any tutorial on how to achieve these 2 effects shown on the sales page for the Smoke effect:

Smoke 1

Smoke 2

I’ve tried stacking the smoke and gradient step patches to try and create the layered smoke but no luck. :confused:

you can pm me if you’re not comfortable sharing here. thanks for your help!

I think you’re on the right track. The effect is a gradient map on the smoke. I believe @Sarah made a jpg gradient in photoshop and used that as the input.

Here’s how you’d get radial movement:

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Thanks Josh!

I had to search for the radial gradient texture and had to grab the GradientMap patch from another paid project in order to try to replicate this. Also had to change the Speed value from inside the patch. (my computer keeps opening what seems to be an older version of this project for some reason, which might explain the different patch values idk)

This is what I got going by your screenshots:

Still not looking like any of the sample screenshots shown on the sales page :thinking:

can we get @Sarah in here to shed some light on this? would greatly appreciate it

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The gradient map is kind of an equivalent to gradient step, except you can use an image as the gradient as opposed to those two color inputs. You probably can get rid of the gradient step and see what happens

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I’ve tried that but it doesn’t affect the outward radial smoke as shown in the image on your product page

I kind of feel like we’re playing a guessing game here even though I’m a paying customer who’ve spent $150+ of my hard-earned funds during a pandemic to support your shop…

cc’ing @Sarah again in this post

Sarah, would it be too much to ask for customer support in here?

We really do appreciate your patronage :slight_smile:

And I’m sorry, but it seems like the issue you’re having isn’t really clear to me. I am just going off of what I see in the screenshot. If you want to email the project to me, I can take a look at it. That would eliminate the guesswork.

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I just want your product to work the way it’s shown to me on your sales page.

Going by your responses it seems to me like you keep deliberately avoiding this very straightforward ask.

Why mislead your customers on how your product works then gatekeep them from achieving that result when they ask for assistance? That’s bad business.

It definitely feels like you’re shoving aside your customers here now that they’ve parted their money to you…

Hi Ware,

Thanks for your patience and supporting our shop.
We do appreciate it and I’ll personally try to find a way to help you work with the assets you bought to support us.

I’d like to underline the fact that our company is totally closed for the holiday period of time.
I’m very sorry for this situation and I’m personally working hard on making sure we’ll never let any customer without support because of the company holiday schedule.

Have you emailed the file to @josh_beckwith for you guys to be able to eliminate the guesswork?

I appreciate the professional response Laszlo. It doesn’t mention anywhere on your site or on IG about a company closure. Maybe you shouldn’t have launched the site during the holidays (launched Dec 21st iirc) if you’re not able to handle assisting paying customers with a very straightforward and harmless ask.

Also there is no need to take this unnecessary step of me sending you files as everything is laid out clearly in this thread. Let’s not drag this any further. Just show me with clear steps how to make your product work the way you show it on your sales page and we can call it a day and you’ll have my guaranteed business again in the future.

Let me reiterate that I value your team’s time and hard work, I hope you value my time as well.

I took the time to clean up this old project you referenced, so it’s presentable. It is using a previous version of the smoke patch (it should work the same, I think I just restructured it for publishing) so the inputs are different, but here’s a shot of the graph. It’s using the gradient map on the output of the smoke patch and doing some blending to get the segmentation overlaid. I added in a transform patch for some additional control, although that wasn’t in the original project. It’s just another thing you can use to fine-tune the behavior.

Looking at the example project, I can get something similar just by tweaking the inputs to smooth out the displacement.

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Hi @tek,
I am sorry for my late input on this topic. As Mentioned by @laszlo, I had been on holidays as well.
@josh_beckwith is really the master behind the smoke. The only input I can add here is that the second picture you are referring to (Smoke 2) has been created with a very specific project in mind. It was for the Dua Lipa contest on Talenthouse. The background used in this project influences the direction of the smoke flow due to it’s irregular shapes (compared to a Gradient map or a Noise Texture) which in return makes the smoke seem more colourful.
I must ask @josh_beckwith is it possible that the EZGradientWeight in the Dua Lipa project is the key to teks problem/question?

Hallucinate image:

Smoke with a basic Noise Background:

Noise image:

hi @tek,

As my colleagues have stated, apologies and thanks for your purchases.

The images we use on our product page are meant to showcase what can be done with the patch, rather than the explicit content of the product download. I agree we don’t do a clear enough job of mentioning this, and we’ll figure out a way to address the issue asap. In the meantime, you’ll find linked to this message a project package recreating your “Smoke 1” example.

You’ll also find further explanations on the technique used to build the smoke here :
How to create a smoke effect with render passes in Spark AR Studio | Smoke_tutorial
Hopefully this will help you understand it more in-depth and allow you to play with it more freely :slight_smile:

Smoke 1
gradientAppliedToSmoke01.arprojpkg (116.4 KB)

Best Regards,